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Taxes & DutiesUpdated a year ago

Although Base London try to make shopping internationally as easy as possible we cannot be held accountable for your local import taxes and duties when ordering from outside of the United Kingdom.


Currently ordering from Europe will be the same as it always has, with no additional import taxes or duties. Once Brexit comes into effect after the initial transition phase we will do everything we can to continue a frictionless transaction but the customer will be responsible for any applicable local taxes and duties.

United States

The current threshold for importing goods from the UK to the United States is $800. This is why we have capped our USA order value to $800 at shopping cart, so you can shop more easily and avoid any local taxes or duties. However, in the unlikely event you have been charged import duty on your purchase, it is the customer's responsibility to either pay or query these duties with their local tax office. Base London will not be held accountable for import taxes or duties on goods entering the United States.


Why might i get charged Import Tax?

Although our shopping cart is capped to transactions of $800 maximum, making two or more transactions of or up to $800 to the same address within the same 24 hours, may result in import taxes being applied to your order. It is the customer's responsibility to pay any import taxes or duties on their Base London order.


How can I avoid paying duty on my Base London order to the USA?

Thats easy, simply keep your order value below $800 and your purchase should pass into the United States without the need to pay import duty. If you wish to purchase a higher quantity of footwear to the United States, please contact us to advise you on the best course of action.

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