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Payment Error | Why Have I been Charged Twice?Updated 7 months ago

I've been charged for an order that didn't complete | I've been charged twice for my order

If the billing address postcode does not match that of the card being used, the Base London checkout will decline your transaction, even if the issuing bank has authorised it. This can show as payment taken on your account.

These transactions will generally bounce back to your bank within a week but you can contact your bank to speed up the process.

Please note that Base London do not collect the money for these rejected transactions and are unable to refund you.


How Can I Stop this Happening?

  • Please ensure you use the correct Postcode for the Credit Card being used.
  • Use an alternative method for your payment such as PayPal.


I Still Need Help?

Please contact our support team via the pop up 'Help' widget or by emailing [email protected]

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