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Types of Leather FinishUpdated a year ago

We have several types of leather finishes on our Base London shoes. So here's a quick run-down so you can spot the differences.
Washed Leather - A crust leather with a  liquid dye & wax applied in layers to build up the colour and  polished to required shine.
Hi Shine Leather - Medium - Hi gloss PU coating added to the surface of the leather that is below 0.15mm
Burnish Leather - Vegetable tanned  brown/tan where an abrasive wax is used on a high speed brush/mop to burn the grain surface of the leather to give darker patches usually over the toe/heel of the shoe.
Waxy Leather - Grain leather even in colour, wax is used to shine to the required level
Grain Leather - Where the grain is left in tact and only light pigment is used to keep the leathers natural appearance and softness, this is a more expensive leather that does require more looking after during wear.
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